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Content Editing Services

Content is the king. Use the help of an expert content editor to polish your web copy and get the best conversion results.

Edit your blog posts before publishing to maintain a professional image and gain competitive advantage. 

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How a Website Editor  Can Help

 Making blog and marketing copy free from grammar errors, typos or wording mistakes is an important part of building a professional image of your brand

A web editor will make your blog posts and landing pages SEO optimized, user-friendly and speaking to pains of your target audience

You will receive a critical analysis of your content strategy and tips on how to promote engagement and sales in your business with the help of content. 

Let’s Get Acquainted…  

english editor proofreader

I am Nataly, a person behind this website and a freelance writer and editor. Here are a few facts about me:

  • I hold a Master’s degree in English having graduated summa cum laude (in the top 5% of a class)

  • I have 10+ years of experience in academic and content writing and editing;

  • I have received much training and years of practice in SEO and online marketing,  which helps me view content not only in terms of grammar but as an element of marketing.  

  • I am a happy wife and the mother of two, and love working from home beside our little beauty – Campbell hamster.

  • There are two quotes above my desk. I look at the first one when I am tired and read the second one when I hesitate whether to take a challenge. And I always do.

See Samples of Blog Editing
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Why Work With Me

Personal Responsibility

If you order from a large company an editor does not do a decent job, the refund does not make you feel better, as time is wasted and the paper has failed. As a freelancer, I work on my own name’s brand and cherish every client and every feedback.  

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I have had many chances to make sure that expertise and dedication are always appreciated. This is why I am ready to refund in full anyone who considers that editing services did not make his paper any better.      

Respect for Deadlines

Deadlines are sacred to me. I do not overpromise and do the job on time, every time. What’s more, I notify clients of the need to to make additional research as soon as possible, not just throw the paper over the wall when I finish.     

Competitive Price

Working with me, you pay for my time and professional knowledge, not maintenance of offices and services of managers and support departments. I live in Eastern Europe, which makes my prices incredibly competitive in the global market.


I see my goal in making you succeed with your writing. Thus, I do not edit papers that are out of topic and will fail anyway or just calm down anxious writers whose papers do in fact need editing. I give feedback and recommendations.

No Extra Charges

Editing prices are not higher for English language learners. I do not include the reference list into the word count and do not charge for correcting the citation formatted according to the APA, MLA, Chicago, or Turabian style guides.

Blog Post Editing Sample

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Proofreading eliminates language and formatting issues, but it does not change anything about the structure of your paper. Editing, in its turn, presupposes the revision of a structure, letting out of some irrelevant information, splitting or consolidation of paragraphs, adding topic sentences, paraphrasing some direct quotations if necessary, etc.